Set in its own grounds The Normandy Centre is a late art deco building. It was originally commissioned as a dedicated meeting centre for the Freemasons of Horsham. A function that it still fulfils to this day, with a variety of Masonic Lodges and other masonic groups proudly meeting here.

On completion in 1939 the building was immediately commandeered by the Royal Air Force and used by the Royal Observer Corps for the duration of World War II. It was returned undamaged to its grateful owners in 1945. It has since fulfilled its primary function as a centre for local freemasonry.

Click on the name to visit the website of the Masonic Lodges that meet here:

Aviation and Combined Services Lodge

Carfax Lodge

Causeway Lodge

March and Darnley Lodge

Richard Collyer Lodge

Stane Street  Lodge

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Despite having a full calendar of masonic events, The Normandy Centre has always been available for event bookings and is extensively used for a wide variety of private and public functions.